Speakers: Kerrien Suarez Executive Director, Equity in the Center
Andrew Plumley Associate Director, Equity in the Center
Philip Kahn-Pauli Policy Director, RespectAbility
Jennifer Mizrahi, President and CEO, RespectAbility

The webinar is built on research in Equity in the Center’s “Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture” publication, which includes key learnings on how to operationalize equity, and build a Race Equity Culture within organizations. Participants will learn from Equity in the Center’s staff about the Race Equity Cycle framework, as well as the management levers organizations utilize to measurably shift organizational culture toward race equity.

Equity in the Center’s research is designed to support leaders as they build and expand their organization’s capacity to advance race equity. During the webinar, they will outline the need for building a Race Equity Culture in social sector organizations, and introduce resources and strategies to help participants move from commitment to action.

The Race Equity Cycle identifies the three stages and common entry points of building a Race Equity Culture; helps organizations find themselves in this work; and names the levers that create momentum in building a Race Equity Culture. Their research also illustrate how those levers can work by outlining practices from peer organizations and suggesting actions participants can take to get started.

Monday, June 17, 2019


1:30PM(Eastern) / 12:30PM(Central) / 11:30AM(Mountain) / 10:30AM(Pacific)


1 hour 30 minutes